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Янв 1, 2018 - 18 Дек, 2018

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19 Mantua Rd.
Mount Royal, NJ

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National Distance Learning Week: Where We Were, Where We Are and Where We're Going

Thursday, November 8, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern

Pamela Quinn, Ed.D
Martin Hoffman, Ed.D
This special webinar is being offered in recognition of National Distance Learning Week, 2018.

Drawing on years of experience, the presenters will engage in a nostalgic discussion of key trends in distance learning from the 1980s telecourse era through today, and speculate on the future of distance education in a world where many people are constantly connected to a global knowledge network.

ITC Accessibility Task Force: Standards/Best Practices
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Online Assessments as Tools for Deep Learning


Presenter: Kirsten R. Butcher, PhD

This webinar will examine strategies for using online assessment tools to do more than measure summative progress. Specifically, the session will explore how online assessment tools can be used to create opportunities for deeper conceptual learning, to better measure depth of understanding, and to minimize student frustration. The presenter will discuss how theories of comprehension and principles of human-computer interaction can be applied to improve the design of online assessments and optimize their impact for meaningful distance learning. Concrete examples from the presenter’s own classes will be shown and discussed as case studies of online approaches to deep assessment.

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Forward50 National Leadership: Financial Aid Policy


Fred Lokken
Member, Forward50 (representing online education) & Board Chair, ITC

Forward50 National Leadership was recruited by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NAFSAA). The session will provide a brief background about the National Leadership Forward50 effort to identify financial aid policy improvements. The session will review current draft recommendations for possible policy direction and solicit feedback from webinar participants.

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Make the Move: Moving from Reactive to Proactive Accessibility


Jennifer Jones, M.A. Distance Learning Director, Alamance Community College
Glenne’ Whisenhunt, PhD, Director of Center for Learning and Teaching, Oklahoma City Community College
The thought of digital accessibility of systems and resources seems impossible at first glance.  Join this interactive scenario-driven webinar to discuss the steps to beginning an implementation plan, developing a plan for an inaccessible course resources, and how to examine possible purchases in advance to prevent the scramble for accessibility on demand.

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Designing for student success: Fostering self-regulated learning skills through online course design


Presenter: William Knapp

Numerous studies have shown a strong relationship between student achievement and self-regulated learning skills (self-efficacy, organizational skills, time-management, metacognition, motivation). The self-regulated learner is more likely to successfully complete the online course than students who lack these skills. This session will offer practical ideas/suggestions on how to embed learning activities into the course design that can promote self-regulated learning and offer support to the at-risk online learner.

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The Impact of DE Discussion Board son Course Success Rates at California Community Colleges


LaBaron Woodyard
Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges

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Accessibility: Embarking on a Journey to Accessibility


Stephanie Shipley, MS
Instructional Design Specialist
Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN
Lori Wendt
Learning Management System Specialist
Parkland College, Champaign, IL 

Have you ever known about an upcoming trip but procrastinated preparing for it, only to realize your departure date is nearing and you aren't prepared? Many institutions are finding themselves in that boat (pun intended) with regard to accessibility compliance. They know they need to be compliant, but are unsure of the direction or path to take. In this webinar, you'll hear testimonies from two institutions who have embarked on this very same journey but have been met with many detours along the way. Join them as they share their travel itinerary and how they overcame the roadblocks to accessibility.

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Cut the Apron Strings: Branding Your Online College


Derk Riechers is the Director of the South Carolina Virtual College of FDTC (SCVC). He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics from Francis Marion University and a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership & Human Resources Development from Webster University. In addition, he holds a Master of Business Administration and a Post-Master’s Teaching Certificate from Capella University. Furthermore, Mr. Riechers has conducted a myriad of conference presentations on a variety of topics within the distance education field. A fun fact about Mr. Riechers is he loves to cook and always enjoys trying new recipes!

Lamar Younginer has over 25 years of experience in higher education. He has worked in both the 2 year and 4 year college systems. He currently works with the Online College at FDTC. He also works with faculty training and instructional design. Previously he has worked in the IT department as a Help Desk coordinator, in the Student Services area as a Career Counselor and as an Admissions Counselor and in Human Resources as an Assistant Benefits Coordinator. In addition he teaches as an adjunct instructor for the Business Department where he implements the best practices discussed in this presentation.
This presentation will explore with the audience on how to create a complete and unique brand for
your Online College. We will share our ups and down of this interesting journey (and what a wild ride it
was) that transpired during one academic year. Topics will include how to create an original branding
from scratch, website and logo philosophies, marketing deployment, and both faculty and student
adoption of a new online college identity. Furthermore, we will explain how to use pop-culture and
other social media elements within the redesign process to increase student enrollment and success.

In addition, to sharing our experiences will we also be providing the audience with some key
takeaways to apply to their own respective institution.

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The Futurology of Distance Education: Ten Major Trends and Challenges in the Next 5 Years


The session utilizes relevant data as well as 40 years of DE experience to prognosticate on the future significant trends and challenges to come.  Are you aware?  Are you ready?  Join us for a provocative conversation!

-Identify major trends in DE - identify 10 major predictions addressing where online learning is going 
-Identify how attendees can prepare and educate their campus community for the changes to come
-Incorporate major trends and findings into  their campus-based strategic planning 
-Encourage an informed discussion with their faculty, staff, and leadership 
-Engage in dialog with the audience to encourage a broad understanding of the trends and challenges

Fred Lokken is currently chair-elect of the Instructional Council and a member of the ITC Board of Directors. Fred also has authored the ITC Annual National Distance Education Survey for the past fourteen years. Fred is also a Professor of Political Science and chair of the Department of Business, History, Political Science & Culinary Arts at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada. He also served as TMCC's eLearning administrator for eighteen years and most recently served as dean of WebCollege.

Dr. Terry Norris serves as director of eLearning at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has served in this role for the past ten years.  Terry also serves as chair of the eLearning administrators for the Nevada System of Higher Education and has served as a member of the WOW review committee for WCET for the past several years.  He manages an online program with more than 20,000 student enrollments at CSN.

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Escape This! ~ Building Virtual Escape Rooms (for free!)


Presenter:Beth Ritter-Guth

Escape rooms are traditionally physical locations, but tools exist to help even the most average
computer user build a virtual escape room to use in online settings. In this workshop participants will
explore the use of gaming, specifically escape rooms, in academics; will understand how escape rooms
work by solving one together as a team; and will begin building their own escape rooms using free
online materials.

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Improving Student Success, A Statewide Professional Development Initiative


The NJ Center for Student Success works collaboratively with all 19 community colleges in New Jersey to increase successful experiences and outcomes for community college students.  In May of 2017, the Center offered a highly interactive asynchronous two-week online professional development opportunity that examined online learning as a distinct pedagogy with an emphasis on course design that harnesses cognitive stimulation and student engagement. Throughout the course, participants from many community colleges around the State collaborated and discussed online pedagogy.  Participants had an opportunity to design a discipline-specific learning module using theories such as Community of Inquiry, as well as other current research-based practices.

Presenters: Dr. Christine Harrington, Executive Director of the Center for Student Success, will discuss this experience from her unique viewpoint of coordinating the statewide event.  Dr. Theresa Capra, Faculty and Coordinator, Education Department at Mercer County Community College, will discuss this experience from her unique viewpoint as the professional development course instructor. 

Dr. Martin Hoffman, Dean of Learning Resources for Rowan College at Burlington County and the ITC Northeast Regional Representative was a participant and will share his experience and takeaways from the course.

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Increasing Retention in Your Distance Learning Program


The session addresses TMCC’s retention efforts and current success rates.  TMCC focuses on strategies that have been implemented that have made the biggest impact on reducing attrition.  Strategies discussed include level of intervention, tools used, and retention specialist’s approach to developing positive relationships with online learners.  With the appropriate tools, any institutions can apply these strategies to its distance learning program. 

Tamara Anderson
Retention Specialist
Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV 

Tamara Anderson is the retention specialist at TMCC in Reno, Nevada. She is responsible for ensuring the first-time online students have a successful start. She provides as much support as possible in a variety of areas, including technical, personal, study skills, and just plain encouragement. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada Reno with a masters degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She has also been a part-time faculty for 12 years.

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Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in an Online Course


Students today are using technology in nearly every facet of life. Constant exposure to technology in the
areas of social media and entertainment has helped students develop an uncanny aptitude to employ
apps and hardware almost effortlessly. On the other hand, there is a growing need for students and
workers who can think critically and creatively with the plethora of available electronic tools. The
challenge today is to help students refine the technology skills they have developed and augment them
with higher order thinking skills. Educators can help this process by deliberately designing assignments
and projects that take advantage of their students’ existing technology skills.

This presentation will examine several strategies an instructor can use to stimulate critical thinking in an
online environment. Participants will explore how the curriculum can be enhanced by analyzing learning
tasks and combining them with computer functions that deliberately promote critical thinking and
develop higher order thinking skills.

Melvin Cobb has been a full-time faculty member at Long Beach City College since 2004. He teaches in
the Computer and Office Studies department and oversees the Computer Proficiencies for Academic
Success curriculum. In addition, he currently coordinates the online education and OER programs. Prior
to teaching, Melvin served as Director of Online Education at Rio Hondo Community College where he
coordinated Region II of the California Virtual Campus, a grant project commissioned to assist California
community colleges to develop online programs. Melvin is the recipient of the LBCC 2017 Distinguished
Online Educator Award.

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What is Learning Experience Design?


Presenter: Eugene Jars

This webinar will focus on what is Learning Experience Design (LxD). In this session, we’ll cover the
differences between instructional design and learning experience design and why you should consider
the learner experience when designing your online classes. We’ll cover how creating a good learning
experience requires different skills than the traditional instructional design skills used when creating a

You'll walk away from this webinar with an understanding of how LxD focuses on the learning
experience, a few tools you can use and why designing for the student learning experience is just as
important as designing for the content and course objectives.

Eugene Jars is currently an Instructional Designer for Pima Community College. He has been working
with online education since the late 1990s, designing learning experiences for the military, corporate
and academic worlds. He's a graduate of Boise State with a master's degree in Human Performance

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